Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Beware Of Scammers Who Offer To Sell Your Home Fast

I'm sure you have probably heard of someone who felt like a victim of those sell your house fast scams? Most people have heard stories of some kind. Well, my perspective on this subject reflects the fact that I am a real estate investor and see this subject, the topic of sell your house fast scams, from a unique perspective. As a buyer and a seller and an investor I have quite a range of experience myself for how to sell a house.

Let's establish a definition, first of all. A scam is something that is not what it appears to be. And a scam promises something, but delivers something else, or possibly it delivers nothing at all. That is the definition of a real scam. However, some people use the word when they talk about things they don't like, or things they don't understand. So, whenever you overhear other people mentioning sell your home fast scams and complaining about this or that, remember they may not have all the information when selling a house.

Whenever a seller asks me to look at a house and give them an offer, I generally do so. I tour the house and make an offer based on what the house is worth to me at that time. And it's possible it won't be worth as much to me right at that moment as it is worth to another buyer. That's a simple fact. But it's important to keep in mind that there are differences between selling a house to me and selling a house directly to a homeowner. The main difference is that I can, as soon as we agree on a selling price, get started taking care of all the closing details, and paying all the closing expenses. And I will purchase the house from the homeowner within a few days, basically, whenever they vacate the house and give me possession.

But of course there's no way the average homebuyers can provide the same speed of closing, because normally they apply for a mortgage, which can take many weeks. Now, my offer is usually much lower than market value because of the business I am conducting, which requires that I invest money in the property in order to resell it. So, I am purchasing at wholesale, in a manner of speaking, and my intention is to re-sell at retail. Although these terms don't accurately represent what investors do when they buy and sell houses, you get the idea.

So, people who choose to say that investors are running sell your house fast scams are simply wrong about most of us. Most investors do exactly what we say we are going to do, and your house is actually sold fast, which means it is not a scam. Since I've been an investor I can tell you that the average real estate investor is a very hard working person who pays cash and closes fast whenever you need to sell fast.